Welcome to my blog  “Beauty and Review”

My name is Sandhya, Beauty and Review is my journal on beauty, makeup, lifestyle, soulful chats and everything nice. My agenda is to create a community of like minded people and share and learn from them. On the risk of sounding repetitive and clichéd, I am here to be your friend and share happiness “Good Vibes Only” 🙂

I would love to be a part of your life via this blog and would love to hear your comments, feedback, requests, problems anything and I will be glad to reply to them. Thank you for visiting and stay with me for a beautiful journey to a beautiful life 😉


PS (Copyright Notice): The pictures on this blog is the property of http://www.beautyandreview.com unless mentioned otherwise.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sandhya,
    We are Calling lovely fashionistas such as yourself for a super exclusive app preview!
    We are almost there! Ethnic Thread app will soon be ready for everyone to download on their phones. Soon you shall have an app to exchange, sell, rent your Ethnic outfits and accessories. It will also allow you to showcase your style portfolio that people can follow!

    So why am I reaching out to you now? It’s because we are creating a global network of fashionistas on the app even before we release it to public. I personally love your fashion and the way you present yourself, so thought you could take advantage of this exciting opportunity. You and your blog will have a global app audience. You as an early adopter, will get this app for free, and the good stuff has just begun! You automatically become an “”Ethnic Thread insider”” for your city, where you will get free invites to a lot of dress up parties to network and mingle with like-minded fashionistas and steal some of our free perks and giveaways.

    We are sending out these early private invites to exclusively handpicked fashionable people and you are one of them! We have a limited number of free invites for a short time.

    Once you own the app, it’s like you have the world following your looks. Create your profile and upload pictures of your ethnic clothes and accessories. Rent them, Sell them or just showcase them and inspire people all over. Follow people whose fashion you admire. Have your own set of followers. All this and a lot more is up for play with our app. All you need to do is get back to me if you are interested and I will send you the instructions to privately download your app and create your profile.

    Looking forward to your reply

  2. hi
    actually i wanted to know that someone from your blog had clicked my pics on vogue nightout.. she said she ll put it up here but hasnt yet.. could u plz lemme noe..

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