Glamego April 2018 Summer Skin Care+Makeup Edition Review

Hello Gorgeous,

Are you enjoying summer?

Glamego has been one of the best surprises each month and they have only been getting better every time. Right from packaging to selection of products they are doing wonderful job.

In focus today is their April Summer Skincare + Makeup Edition. Total worth of this box is 1800 on subscription cost of Rs. 399/ month and Rs. 299/ annually. Buy here


Contents of Box:

🌞 TJORI DTAN PACK – Rs. 525/-
🌞 NELF USA COMPACT – Rs. 359/-
🌞 MY ISLAND KISS – Rs. 499/-

Lets get to it.

Packaging : Glamego has upped their packaging game like no other…like the products each month the packaging gets better and better. This months box gives all kind of summer feels. Box has a magnetic closure and I can definitely reuse it.

glamego april 2018 summer skincare and makeup edition


Brand Claims : Crafted with rich starchy potatoes this pack protects the skin from the UV rays and free radicals that harm the skin. Made with food grade ingredients that are suitable for all skin types and can be used daily.

My 2 Cents : Face masks are perfect addition to summer skincare. Tjori is a well-known brand amongst skincare enthusiasts and this particular mask works well in this weather to remove tan and excess oiliness/sebum and gives a firm, glowing skin.


Brand Claims : GoldOjas Cosmetics has gold dust, essential fatty acids, anti oxidants & vitamins, as approved internationally. This facial has 6 steps and gives you glow & luster to your skin.

My 2 Cents:  I am saving this pack for special occasion since this facial also claims to be perfect for pre-makeup application and promises to give that extra glow. Can’t wait to try but ingredient lists like saffron,vitamin e, jojoba oil, almond oil sounds promising.


Brand Claims :  Removes toxins from skin by cleansing skin thoroughly. Gives it golden glow and velvety shine

My 2 Cents : I have tried this product before and thoroughly enjoyed using it. I love the squeaky clean feeling it gives you.  I can see myself using this quite a bit in this hot and humid summers.

Nelf USA Compact 

Brand Claims : Get a perfect glowing & bright finish with aqualite fairness compact powder with CV

My 2 Cents : This is the only makeup product in this month’s subscription. The fragrance is a little overpowering to me but to most people you may not mind it has a light (lactocalamine) fragrance. I was given option for shade selection and I chose medium however this has turned out to be dark on my skin. So shade selection is a little disappointing. But I can work around it.

MY ISLAND KISS (Black  Rose & Grenade Rouge Lip Moisturiser Stain) 

Brand Claims : Petroleum Free , Non-toxic lip moisturiser stain that softens, soothes and nourishes your lips.

My 2  Cents : This is my star product this month. I absolutely adore Island Kiss as a brand, their packaging, product, the fact they are cruelty free everything. I love this beautiful red tinted lip balm which is highly moisturising.

vedic line gold facial, nelf aqualite fairness compact powder, tjori wild turmeric dtan face pack, my island black rose & grenade rouge lip moisturiser stain ,natural sea clay mask

All in all, I keep getting surprised by Glamego each month and can’t wait for the next box already.

Do let me know which product was your favourite this month.

Until next time.






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