Glamego January 2018 Edition Review #NoResolutions

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I am back with January 2018 Edition of Glamego box. Glamego has quickly become one of my most favorite subscription boxes. It has also been rated as number 1 box in India, they have been able to bring premium brands in one of the most affordable boxes to hit India market.



Here are the charges for subscription for Glamego from 1 month to 1 year. Click on the image to order the box:

Glamego Subscription Plan Charges


The theme of this month’s box is Lap of Luxury and the box is a beautiful box . A time when everyone is busy making resolutions Glamego resolves to break the rules and have #noresolutions and enjoy each day and celebrate yourselves. A message well appreciated 🙂


Bella Voste Lip Gloss POP OF PINK

Moving on to the contents of this box:-

  • BioBloom Face Radiance Oil :- Rs. 1499 /-
  • Bella Voste Lip Gloss :- Rs. 599 /- Buy here
  • Natural Bath and Body Grapefruit & Vitamin C Skin Cream:- Rs. 220 /- Buy here
  • Mcaffeine Caffeine Shower Gel :- Rs. 189 /-  (You may receive any skin/makeup product upto Rs. 350/-) Buy here

Total worth of products in this month’s box is Rs. 2507/- for the subscription cost of Rs. 299/- :O


The star product for me which is BioBloom’s Face Radiance Oil, BioBloom is a top organic brand and they have exclusively launched in Glamego box.

BioBloom Face Radiance Oil

What the brand says: BioBloom Face Radiance Oil is 100% natural, age defying & radiance booster face oil. It aids in skin lightening, tightening and rejuvenates dull skin.

My Take:-   I love using face oils and have quite a few of them as part of my skincare and so I know my face oils ;). Having said that, I am thoroughly enjoying its light weight formula that sinks into my skin within seconds and leaves my skin dewy, smooth, glowing. I also loved this as a base under my makeup once it is absorbed, the application is a lot smoother and finish is dewy without being oily which is perfect for this season.



Bella Voste Lip Gloss 

What the brand says: Bella Voste The Perfect Gloss, gives smooth and creamy application. It has plumping and hydrating and can be used as a lip topper.

My Take: I love wearing lip glosses but find it really difficult to find the right texture which isn’t very sticky and doesn’t bleed everywhere. Bella Voste The Perfect Gloss, is one of the better formula for lip gloss it is a non sticky formula that doesn’t bleed and does give illusion of plumper lips. Love it.


Natural Bath and Body Grapefruit & Vitamin C Skin Cream

What the brand says: Concocted in a base of coconut oil, tender coconut milk, almond oil and shea butter, this cream is whipped lightly to a smooth texture. The splash of Grapefruit oil known for its natural skin lightening properties give the skin an even tone and the reason not to use makeup.

My Take: I have normal to combination skin but experience drier skin during winters I find it very comfortable layering this over a facial oil which gives me smoother skin through out the day. I haven’t used it enough to comment on any other claims.



Mcaffeine Caffeine Shower Gel

What the brand says: MCaffeine Shower gel keeps you refreshed, energized and charged. Caffeine infused in the gel, removes the dead cells and gives your skin a healthy glow. It cleanses the skin while its bubbles and intoxicating minty scent will leave you feeling refreshed and revived.

My Take: It has a very refreshing aqua smell , doesn’t dry out my skin which is a huge plus especially in winters. The fragrance itself is very appealing to my husband who doesn’t like smelling fruity, floral or nutty.

Overall, Glamego has done it again and they get a huge thumbs up from. I highly recommend you give it a try.

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