Glamego August 2017 : Trending Subscription Box Review In-depth

Hey Girls,

I am back with this month’s Glamego Box which has been trending in India for being one of the most affordable and value for money box. So lets see if this month’s box is worth your money. 🙂

Glamego Subscription Box August 2017

I love me some good skincare and hair-care products and this month’s box is a haven for people like me. It contains 2 skincare, 1 makeup cum skincare and 1 hair care product which highlights one of the 4 star ingredients that this box is based on.

This month’s theme is based on star ingredients, a very unique and interesting theme to me. 4 Ingredients that this box focuses on are:

  • Charcoal & Bentonite Clay: Both Ingredients are amazing for oily/combination skin to thoroughly cleanse and clear out clogged pores.
  • Vanilla: Rich in Vitamin B & anti oxidants which helps in preventing aging skin, wrinkles and maintain a youthful smooth skin.
  • Hibiscus: Used from ages for strengthening roots & preventing hair loss due to breakage.
  • Magnolia: Anti-Inflammatory Properties to soothe irritated skin and help with wrinkles and fine lines.

Products Received: 

  • Neemli Activated Charcoal Face Pack – Rs. 550/-  (Enriched with Charcoal)
  • Biobloom Bhrahmi & Amla Hair Cleanser – Rs. 399/- (Enriched with Hibiscus)
  • The Nature’s Co. Vanilla Face Cream Deluxe size – Rs. 550/- (Enriched with Vanilla)
  • Inveda BB Cream – Rs. 150/- (Enriched with Magnolia)

Now lets talk about individual products and my opinion and quick review:

Neemli Activated Charcoal Face Pack : – I am a huge fan of Charcoal Face Masks and Fab India  and Innisfree has been my favorites of all time. But, Neemli has topped them all and this definitely is my go to Charcoal face mask. There are multiple ways you could use this but my favorite way is by making a paste with raw milk and rose water. It literally gives you baby’s butt smooth skin with this method and I can’t thank Glamego enough for introducing me to this miracle product.

Neemli Naturals Activated Charcoal MAsk

The Nature’s Co. Vanilla Face Cream :- Before there were Kama & Forest Essential there was Nature’s Co. I remember walking into their Malad showroom few years ago and being completely mesmerized with the beautiful aromas of all natural products they churned out for us. I absolutely loved their sugar scrubs, bath essentials back then and I was absolutely excited to see their Face Cream in this month’s box, true to their roots this cream smells exactly like Vanilla and you will probably want to keep this away from your mouth for this reason :P. This is medium consistency moisturizing cream that fairs really well with my normal to combination skin and will work even better on dry skin.

Natures Co. Vanilla Vitamin E Face Cream

Inveda BB Cream :- I have used 1 Inveda product their body butter which was also introduced by Glamego Box. Lets get it out there Inveda’s packaging is top notch, I absolutely love the color scheme and the way it looks sitting on your vanity. Coming to the BB cream itself, in all honesty this is a miss for me. It is not very pigmented, texture is a bit off and it has a pink undertone which doesn’t go very well with my yellow under toned skin.


I am yet to try out the Biobloom hair cleanser and you will hear more about it on my Instagram if it fairs well. But I have tried Biobloom products in the past and it did work out for me.

BIO Bloom Hair Care Hair Cleanser

Overall, you get products worth 1649 in this months box and all of them are from good brands. You get a few options to chose from for subscription the best option definitely is a 6 month subscription for 299/- Rs per month or if you just want to buy this month it would be 399 which still is a great price for this month’s box.

I highly recommend this month’s box and you should definitely grab it if you while you can.

B&R Ratings: –

  • Packaging: ***
  • Products: ****
  • Pricing: ****
  • Value for money: ****

Until next time,



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