Valentine Day Series – Look 4 and Final Reveal

Hello Gorgeous,

This is the final post in the Valentine Series we did this week. I thoroughly enjoyed creating all sort of looks for this series right from subtle rosy romantic vintage look to sexy bombshell date night look.

Here is the final look and the tutorial along with the final reveal of what I wore this Valentine’s Day. Also included are the looks that didn’t make the cut into the series (I will post tutorial if you like for any of those look ;), just comment below)

I have used Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette “Soho” check it out here and Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyeliner in shade 46 – Blue Neon check it out here

How to:

  • Using a muted purple eye shadow blend it in the crease area leaving the lid area empty
  • Pick a pink eyeshadow and pack it in the lid area
  • Now pick up a burnt orange eyeshadow and layer it on top of the pink eyeshadow
  • Blend any harsh lines to create a smooth transition of colors
  • Line your lover lash line with neon blue eye pencil
  • Add generous coats of mascara

The camera hasn’t really picked up the beautiful hues of purple, pink and orange in this eye look…this eye makeup definitely brightens up the face and would go well with muted colors and toned down attire. Hope you liked it.

Now for the final reveal of what I wore this Valentine’s Day, here we go 🙂


I wore an Anita Dongre Aztec print dress with graphic print in blue, orange and white in the body and sheer georgette panels in blue attached at the waist currently on sale here….so this look went very well with the dress. On lips I wore Colorbars Velvet Matte Lipstick in the shade “Over the Top” which is an earthy coral pink shade you can buy it here (Review coming up soon).

I had so much fun this week and I hope to keep up with some quality and fun frequent posts, so Stay tuned. To end this post, here are some makeup looks that didn’t make the final cut in the Valentine Day Series. Please tag or leave me a link or send me an email if you recreate any of the looks in this series, I would love to see your recreations 🙂

Have an amazing Valentine’s Day… and a life full of love and affection.

Until next post.


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