Valentine’s Day Series – Look 1

Hey Gorgeous,

I am back after a long hiatus in time to post some looks, ideas, nail art for Valentine’s Day weather you plan to spend it with your soulmate, friends, family or decide to pamper yourself, lets make it special 🙂

For this eye look, I have used Bourjois Smoky Eyes Baked Eye shadow Palette  in the shade 05 Rose Vintage. Please bear with me and ignore the bushy eyes 😛


How to:

  • Using the medium color, pack it on your eyelids leaving it just below the crease
  • Create a V-Shape using the darkest shade in the palette blending it in to create a smoky effect
  • Using the lightest shade highlight your brow bone and tear duct, also line your inner half of lower lashes with this shade
  • Using Pencil or Gel Liner create a gentle wing for an soft romantic look
  • Line outer-half of lower lash line with black eye liner
  • Add generous coats of Mascara (I’ve used L’Oreal’s Volume Million Lashes)

This look is perfect for both day or night date alike, pair it with soft pastel pink dress for a day or gold racy dress for a night look…either way I am sure you can rock this look.

On a different note, how gorgeous is this Valentine’s Special Donut from Krispy Kreme.

Until Next Post, Stay Blessed 🙂

XOXO 343462866134319261013

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Lunatic Visionary is a mix of my thoughts on various aspects, situations, emotions & other things in life. Lunatic Visionary is an ideal name  as this is what I am..A day dreamer and a person with beliefs that every single thought that crosses your mind is achievable and if you want it bad you will have it. What I will share here may be short poems, some random stuffs, short stories, my photo journal, random pictures anything I love writing & photography I may not be best at it but it allows me to shout out all I have to say in a nicer way :)

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