Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Review & Swatch – Shades (Ps I Am Sexy Lipstick & Berrylicious Lipstick)

Hey Girls,

Here I am with review of one of the most affordable lipstick line in India right now Revlon’s Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick collection. I am totally in love with the way Revlon has revamped the brand Street Wear and made it appealing to all segments rather than just focusing on beauties on budget.

I am reviewing 2 of my favorite shades from this collection shade – (12. PS I AM Sexy & 8. Berrylicious Lipstick). For your reference my skin tone is medium to fair.

Price : Rs 180

Quantity: 4.2 gm

Buy it on Jabong: 12. PS I AM Sexy & 8. Berrylicious Lipstick (Currently on offer for Rs. 131)

My take on the product:

First of all I need to congratulate Street Wear on the packaging I am in love with their packaging for the entire line (lipstick, lip glosses, nail varnishes and so on), love with the pop art theme. That being said, even though the look of the packaging is bang on, it does cause some product wastage as the lipstick bullet is left half open in the transparent cap which leads it to smear on the cap making it a little dirty and causing teeny-bit of product damage….

POP Art Packaging - Street Wear

Now to the texture and color pay off…Priced at 180 bucks for 4.2 gm of product I didn’t keep huge expectations but boy was I in for surprise. The texture of the lipsticks is creamy, smells delicious kind of like chocolate milkshake 😛 . Depending on the shade the lipstick lasts 4-5 hours leaving a light tint behind. It is not very hydrating but nothing that a lip balm can’t take care of (if you have super dry lips).

Swatches - Berrylicious & Ps I Am Sexy

8. Berrylicious Lipstick – This is a pretty deep berry shade that instantly lights up your complexion. It will suit most Indian skin tone especially dusky beauties. It leaves a faint tint after fading which itself looks quite pretty. This is my favorite shade of the collection hands down.

Berrylicious Lipstick

12. Ps I Am Sexy Lipstick: This is a light pinkish muave tone which depending on your lipcolor either shows as muave or nude pink. This is good for daily wear as it just gives hint of color without overpowering the look. It doesn’t has a long staying power but for its price I don’t mind reapplying every 2-3 hours.

Ps I Am Sexy Lipstick

Overall, my verdict is you need to have a couple of shades from this collection, its total value for money

Until Next Time 🙂


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