Birthday Special – Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick : Review

In pictures below, I will be taking you through with my rendezvous with Bourjois Shine Edition Lipsticks on my birthday. I have heard a lot of this brand what prompted me to finally pick something up from this brand was this incredible offer in Lifestyle store, Mumbai.

Offer: 2 for 1 and a chance to win a trip to Paris (too good to be true, but hey I am a daydreamer so I filled in the form 😛 )

Price: 955 INR / $16 for 3 gms of product

You can purchase it here

Here is the lip swatch of the 2 product I own from this range I paid for the one above:

I picked up shade no. 23 Grenade In – It is a beautiful raspberry pink color that looks oxblood in this picture. It will flatter  most skin tones. The formula is moisturizing, rich in color, and I love the packaging. It looks cool sitting pretty on your desk 😛

Bourjois Shine Edition - Shade - 23

This is the shade that I got free with my purchase, I am not sure about the shade frankly but it is beautiful corally pink color which looks beautiful again on my skin tone. This again is pretty moisturizing but lacks the finish of shine edition.


Here is how the bullet and packaging looks like:

Bourjois Shine Edition – Shine 23 (Grenade In)


I don’t think this lipstick is from Shine Edition but I am loving the push-up button packaging and it is a subtle corally pink color which is a nice addition to my lipstick collection.


I definitely suggest you to check out Bourjois Shine Edition it has some really good shades and even though it is shiny and finishes polish, it stays on my lips for a really long time which is really great .

P.S : I think it was my lucky day, the SA decided to give me a free Bourjois Kohl & Contour Pencil and OMG it is the most amazing kohl/eyeliner pencil. Will review/ swatch it soon. if you are looking for a good kohl you should pick it up without 2nd thoughts.


The cutest little bouquet I received for my birthday from a friend…. 🙂


Until Next Time…Bye Dollies

XOXO 343462866134319261013

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