DIY Indian Bridal Kit: On Budget

Hey Guys,

It was my friend’s wedding earlier last month and she was on a very tight budget when it comes to makeup. So, we made a quick list and got her wedding day makeup which doubled up as her bridal kit in under 2000 INR or $33.  The makeup items used here are obviously drug store brand but we did use it on her on her wedding day and it fared really well.

Makeup Pouch : To store all the makeup items ( This is available in Mumbai, India in the range of 50 INR to 500 INR in various locations)

For Face

Cleanser & Moisturizer : We bought Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion (145 INR) for her sensitive skin & Garnier BB Cream (199 INR) which works as a tinted moisturizer

Foundation: We bought Lakme’s Invisible Foundation for 225 INR (Okay, not kidding but this stayed on her the whole freaking day….while we were panting courtesy – Indian summer she stayed flawless)

Compact: We bought Lakme’s Compact in her shade this retails for 109 INR and suits most Indian skin type gives light coverage & sets the foundation

Blush: Our favorite here was Maybelline’s Cheeky Glow in Peachy Sweetie (retails for 250 INR) that looked beautiful on her dusky skin tone.

For Eyes

Concealer: She wasn’t too comfortable using concealer so I had to double up her foundation as her concealer but I would definitely suggest you to pick one in your shade this will come in handy. For Beauties on Budget I had suggest to check out Colorbar, Inglot or Kryolan concealers that retails under 500 INR

Eye shadows: Now I recommend you purchase at least 1 eye-shadow quad (Lakme/ Maybelline or Faces) or purchase individual eye shadows which is what we chose VOV eye shadows in brown, bronze and gold for 80 INR each ( I do think you need to work hard to blend this one but its good for occasional wear and the color pay off is really good). I used the brown to also fill in her brows

Kohl/ Eye liner: Best drugstore eyeliner is Lakme’s Eyeconic (189 INR) doesn’t smudge stays on for really long.

Water-Proof Eye Liner & Mascara: I suggest waterproof (not water-resistant) eye liners, on this day we bought a Korean eyeliner at a local beauty store for 180 bucks its a jet black eyeliner which doesn’t budge once applied….for mascara we chose Maybelline’s Falsies Mascara – retails for around 425 INR

Blending Brush: I think this is one brush you simply need to have in your kit so do not skip this one. I used mine from BH Cosmetics ($3)

For Lips

Lip liner: It is a good idea to include lip-liners it prolongs the staying power of your lipstick which is much needed on the day as well as on other functions you will be attending. (We chose VOV Lip liner in Mauve- 100 INR)

Lipsticks:You need to include at-least 2 lipsticks 1 for the day which could either be bright reds or wines or pinks depending on your outfit and a neutral.  (For Budget options check Lakme, Maybelline or Inglot refills)

For Body

Perfume: Invest in a good fragrance of your choice, if you can also buy the same formula in lotion, to layer it under your perfume.. (it prolongs the staying power)

Moisturizer: Pick up a good body moisturizer depending on the weather for summer I would suggest Vaseline’s Aloe fresh body lotion (190), for winters Vaseline’s Cocoa Butter Lotion (225 INR)

And, here is how are stunning bride turned out, hair and makeup courtesy- me 😛

P.S: She was a traditional Gujarati bride and wore a beautiful panetar (saree) and a red dupatta….she looked like an Indian doll…soo pretty 🙂


Hope you like this post….till next time.

XOXO 343462866134319261013




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2 thoughts on “DIY Indian Bridal Kit: On Budget

  1. WOW! I really would love to attend a traditional wedding like that! The brides are always so beautiful (actually everything about it) It’s just so bright and vibrant with all the different colors 🙂

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