Forever 21 favorites: Beauty Tools

So, I am almost a regular at Forever 21 while I do love the clothes there, well most of the times, I am usually more attracted by their accessories section…and since I found super cheap yet awesome set of makeup brushes here….I went looking in their accessories section and found some of my favorites so here you go…(all under 500 INR)

1st Item is a facial cleansing brush: This is a really dense and soft bristle cleansing brush with a cute pink handle, I am frankly not sure about the capability of this product yet but it feels very gentle on skin and usually strips off any impurities off my face (lol I guess that’s what it is suppose to do)  😛

I love how this looks and how it feels on my skin, I am happy to have this in my kitty.


2nd Item is a pair of exfoliating gloves, this is the most amazing find I think this one I found under 100 INR if I am not wrong ( I am not sure, I am sorry)…but these are amazing works better than body scrubs, loofahs, those expensive and rough bathing brushes….you just take shower gel and wear these pinkies on your hands and work it to lather up your body. I promise you, this leaves your skin super soft and smooth like never before.


3rd Item well take a guess……………hmm did you guess it?? No?? okay this is the cutest hair brush I own right now…nothing fancy about the bristles it is a paddled hair brush, but just love the carving and the handle of this one….I am a day dreamer…I don’t mind being labelled one in-fact I will flaunt it in style 😛


So, these are not so popular yet so awesome grooming accessories that I found at Forever 21 India (Infinity- Malad outlet). I am sure these or similar variants will also be available on forever 21 website, I will link below their accessories pages for your reference.

Have a fun day and amazing week…


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