Maybelline Pink Alert POW 4: Review and Swatch

There are possibly tons of reviews already on this happy pink shade of lipstick and I know I am super late in reviewing this but hey a girl’s gotta do…what a girl’s gotta do 😉 & hey it was my birthday yesterday so bought a few things here and there which I will be reviewing/posting soon.

So if you are a medium to fair skin tone and want to know how would Maybelline Pink Alert Pow 4 fair on your skin keep reading more…

Here are a few pics and swatches:

Maybelline Pink Alert POW 4 Maybelline Pink Alert POW 4

Maybelline Pink Alert Pow 4 is a beautiful coral pink color which is fairly more coral than pink on my skin sorry I don’t own a Mac Foundation but to be fair I do fall in Medium to Fair Skin Tone for most brand of foundations so that might help 😛

Anyways back to the lippie…this is officially the first pink lipstick in my kitty, my kitty has expanded and now proudly owns 3 pink lipsticks which I will be reviewing later but this one is definitely one of my favorites.

Quantity: 3.9 gms

Price: 375 INR


  • The formula is really great it is moisturizing an not completely Matt ( I do use lip balm underneath though)
  • Availability (Maybelline is a drug store brand and will be easily available anywhere)
  • Packaging: Love the packaging its cute and travel friendly
  • Price: I do feel it is pretty affordable for the quality of the product
  • It will suit very fair, fair, medium skin tone I am not really sure if it would go well with darker skin so would recommend trying it on first
  • I know its weird but this thing looks different on me every time I apply still has same feel but looks a teeny bit different every time, I like that
  • This shade has really got me going and expanding my collection with Pink lipsticks


  • Possibly the wear time even though this does stay on your lips for a good 3 hours and leaves a pinkish stain after that,  but if you are looking for something that stays on forever or at least 6-8 hours this may not be your best bet
  • Pow4 & Pow 2 are the most running shades in this collection and it was mostly sold out at my few attempts of getting it…and I did eventually ended up ordering it online but that just speaks about how much everyone is loving this beauty


Finally this is how it looks on my lips one of the times that I wore it, like I said it looks different on my every time…. (sorry about the quality of the pic)

2014-05-15 22.20.29



You can purchase this online here at a discounted rate

My verdict is you should definitely own this one…its a fab color which can complement most skin tones and brighten up the look instantly. Give it a try 🙂

Till next time, Ciao 🙂

XOXO 343462866134319261013



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