Heatless Paper Curls

I have pretty much damaged my already fragile, fine & super thin hair by chemically treating it a few times. So, I now try to style my hair naturally most of the times. So now am down to ironing my hair just a few times in a month and when it comes to curls…I have a few ticks up my sleeves, which I will share from time to time.

Heat less News Paper Bag Curls:

Things you need:

– Paper Bag/ News Paper
– Hair Brush
– Bobby Pins
– Hair Spray

 How to:

– Wash & Towel Dry your hair (Hair should still be damp).

– Apply a Leave-In serum and detangle your hair carefully.

– Now cut the paper bag/ newspaper horizontally (5 cm+).

– Section your hair and using the paper cut outs roll them up individually section by section and tie them up in a bow depending on how lose or tight you want your curls to be. Secure it with bobby pin if you need to.

– Leave your hair to dry….its going to take a while (You can watch TV or read other posts :P)

– Once your hair is dry completely remove the paper bags carefully and style your hair however you want, use the hairspray to hold it for long…however I do not use the hairspray and still the curls last for 2 days.

Voila, you should have perfect curls….head out and turn some head girls…


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Lunatic Visionary is a mix of my thoughts on various aspects, situations, emotions & other things in life. Lunatic Visionary is an ideal name  as this is what I am..A day dreamer and a person with beliefs that every single thought that crosses your mind is achievable and if you want it bad you will have it. What I will share here may be short poems, some random stuffs, short stories, my photo journal, random pictures anything I love writing & photography I may not be best at it but it allows me to shout out all I have to say in a nicer way :)

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