Special Occassion: SkinCare Routine

This is festival season around the world everyone is celebrating something like its Halloween week in the west and here in India its Diwali week, Yay!!!!


A beautiful skin is the best canvas for any look you would want to create this festive season, so here are a few quick steps for the special week.


  • There is no escape from this step, if you are looking for a beautiful glowing skin, use home-made or store-bought scrubs to exfoliate your face and body to achieve a healthy and glowing skin. You can use olive oil and mix brown sugar to make a body scrub and use it to exfoliate your body. if you have oily skin try lemon and salt instead. One yummy face scrub would be mashed strawberries use it to get yummy skin.


  • You can steam some water and mix your favorite essential oil (Jasmine, Rosehip anything) or some rose petals and use this to open up those pores & wipe off with a clean towel.

Face Mask:

  • Use a good mask depending on your skin type to restore the moisture and give a beautiful glow for the special occasion.  I personally like Face Masks from H2O skin care line, Himalaya etc. I also enjoy good DIY home mask recipes my favorite being Turmeric Mask (Mix Gram Flour + Honey + Milk (Milk Skin) + Turmeric (a pinch or 2) ) use this mask until it dries and wash it off for a radiant skin. Use turmeric sparingly else it might stain your face. You can add sandalwood to this mask..
  • Apply pure Honey to your face and wash it off after 20 minutes this will give you a glowing face too.
  • Grate Apple + Ripe Papaya + Mash Banana Mix and some yogurt apply on your face and wash it after 30 minutes to reduce tan and add glow.


  • Moisturize your skin with a good branded Moisturizer like Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, Olay Intensive White Radiance. Olay comes has inbuilt SPF 24 hence you wouldn’t need to wear sunscreen but if your moisturizer doesn’t contain good SPF please do not skip sunscreen.

If you do not want to follow through all this book an appointment with a good skin technician and get a good customized facial done 2 days before the event and just follow through with CTM routine (Cleansing  + Toning + Moisturizing). Last and 1 of the most important note  is to stay hydrated and no Fizzy drinks or Coffee/Tea doesn’t count (unless it is Green Tea). Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water.

Enjoy the Weekend and Keep Glowing 🙂

XOXO 343462866134319261013

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Lunatic Visionary is a mix of my thoughts on various aspects, situations, emotions & other things in life. Lunatic Visionary is an ideal name  as this is what I am..A day dreamer and a person with beliefs that every single thought that crosses your mind is achievable and if you want it bad you will have it. What I will share here may be short poems, some random stuffs, short stories, my photo journal, random pictures anything I love writing & photography I may not be best at it but it allows me to shout out all I have to say in a nicer way :)

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